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🔴 Plan your money, power your future

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

A LEAN IN Switzerland financial education event powered by SmartPurse.

Plan your money – power your future: A highly practical workshop uncovering the bold truth about the major financial challenges women face and providing tangible tips what you can do to power your future.

Where do women lose the most money over a lifetime?

How can you avoid falling into the pension gap trap?

How can you make your money matter for yourself and society?

🗓 Tuesday, 22 June 2021

During this highly practical workshop, Olga will uncover the bold truth about the major financial challenges women face and provide tangible tips what you can do to power your future.

💰 During this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes women make with money

  • How to make a financial plan and invest your money for the long-term securing your pension

  • How to invest your money in a sustainable way, where to find the right provider and how you can save on costs

🇨🇭 The workshop is suitable for participants living in Switzerland working part or full-time or taking a break. No previous financial knowledge is required. For those who are already invested, this workshop will provide practical tips how to fine-tune your approach.

📣 Tune in and find out why you should join this workshop Plan your money, power your future:

Olga Miler, Patrycja Pielaszek, Anna Stando LEAN IN Switzerland X SmartPurse

💰 New SmartPurse Report: Your mind, your money—a white paper on women's financial wellbeing. Did you know that:

  • 52% of women would feel more confident if they gained more control of their finances.

  • 55% of women do not take control of their finances until they are over 33.

  • 65% of women describe their relationship with money as 'complicated', while only 4% answered 'easy'.

This SmartPurse Report outlines the importance of money mindset, how that affects our relationship with money, and how we can create a positive money mindset to unlock our money potential. It also has lots of positive and great data on the status of female finances and how young women start to take charge of their financial education.

About SmartPurse SmartPurse is an independent money coaching and financial education company specialising in the unique needs of women’s financial lives. Active in the UK and Switzerland we provide courses and a digital money school helping women to get a grip on their money in a time-saving and practical way.

About Olga Olga Miler is a global innovation expert, with 15 years of financial services experience. She specialises in financial education for women, sustainability, and gender-smart investing. Olga has been broadly recognised for her transformational achievements to change the financial services industry for women and gender equality with features in the global press and numerous awards. Following her career at UBS she has co-founded her own start-up – SmartPurse, a money school for women. Olga is an independent columnist for Watson-News and reached over 550,000 readers last year with her blog "Women & Money". She also serves as board member at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and a fintech venture in Switzerland. Olga has two children and lives in Zürich.


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