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🔴 April Showers bring May Flowers

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

We have great news for you!

First, over the last couple of weeks, we were productive and used the time to completely revamp our website. Our brand-new Lean In Switzerland website provides you with:

👉🏻 Background information and facts & figures about the Swiss Lean In network

👉🏻 News about Swiss circles and details about how you can join them

👉🏻 Details about how to start your own circle or join us by getting involved as a volunteer or partner

👉🏻 An easy-to-use events calendar where you quickly get an overview of all upcoming events

Speaking about events, leads to our other great news: we have set up a Lean In Webinar Series. The Lean In Webinar Series is a line up of inspiring online events to which we will add more sessions throughout the year.

Hurry up and register today. Why? Because at one event we have limited availability of 10 seats. Why? Visit our events calendar and check it out:

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