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what is a Lean In Circle?

Lean In Circles are small groups of like-minded women who meet on a regular basis to learn and grow together. It's live-changing - women gaining new skills, asking for more, stepping outside of their comfort zones and leaning in.

In Switzerland the Lean In community in is a vibrant network of women in almost every canton. Since 2015, we've been connecting over shared experiences, learning from each other, and cheering each other on. We're coming together regularly to support each other, laugh together and growing further together - and you are invited to join us.

how Lean In Circles work.


it starts with you

While we can’t guarantee you will achieve achieve your wildest dreams, we can promise that joining a Circle will give you the support to go for it. Members are taking new challenges and stepping out of their comfort zones thanks to the encouragement of their Circle.

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power of peer support

Research shows that we are more confident and learn and accomplish more in small groups. Taking this into consideration you get the most value of your circle we recommend eight to twelve members at similar stages in life and/or who share the same goals.


Lean In Circles online

  • Step-by-step guides for meetings and activities

  • Expert videos on important topics and/or skills

  • A group email, blog-post opportunities and social feed's so it is easy to stay in touch

  • Materials to promote your Circle, including a logo

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Circles are small groups of women who come together regularly for real talk and peer support. Right now, Circles are meeting virtually—and you’re welcome to join.


start a circle

Whether you’re tackling new challenges at work or home, looking for career advice, or just seeking peer support—starting a Circle with your friends or co-workers can help you get through this.

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