want to join our team?

For the past years, Lean In Switzerland has been powered by the hard work and generosity of our volunteers. Thanks to you, we host the 1st Lean In Conference in Switzerland and other exciting events and are currently serving a membership of about 1'500 people! 

We are always welcoming great women and men who want to be part of our journey and help continue our success. If you want to grow your skills and gain new ones, and you have time and the desire to make a difference, we would love to talk to you.

We offer:

  • ownership of the area you are working in

  • involvement in Lean In community, events and initiatives, getting insider experience

  • possibility to making an impact, be part of social changes, promote diversity, inclusion and support women in achieving their goals

  • volunteering work experience together with a great team

we wait for your application till 15th of June, 2021


event coordinator

  • Define sustainable pipeline for live and virtual events

  • Coordinate and organize events, both live and virtual​

  • Work with team to create synergy to get things done

  • Expected involvement: 4-6 hours per week prio event, 2-4 hours per week in-between events

If you decide to apply, please share your approach to plan or coordinate an event, examples of events your were involved before.

webpage manager

  • Familiarity with wix webpage platform​ or willingness to self-study and learn

  • Keep webpage content up to date

  • Maintain adherence to Lean In styling guides

  • Setup newsletters, events and blog post campaigns 

  • Apply SEO and other data analytic tools

  • Expected involvement: 2-4 hours per week

If you decide to apply, please share example of webpage(s) maintained or created by you.

social media manager

  • Define sustainable pipeline and strategy for multiple social media channels

  • Keep community informed about Lean In initiatives, promote events, 

  • Proactive information sharing, covering various publications in diversity and inclusion area

  • Expected involvement: 2-4 hours per week

If you decide to apply, please share your approach to manage social media communication.

graphic/media designer

  • Produce visual data for events and initiatives, adhering to Lean In styling guides

  • Work with team to define external communication with proper media 

  • Expected involvement: 2 hours per week, 4 hours per week prior to events

If you decide to apply, please share examples of your work.

other support

  • Tell us how would you like to contribute