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💫 How I am with the help of my community

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

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Dear fellow Lean-Iners,

Today, I want to share my passion project with you. When I was 19, I left my native Germany set to explore and better understand this complex world. The journey brought me to magical places around the world. Every place also brought new friends and more experiences than I can truly recount. When I had a gut-wrenching decision to take - I had literally one day to decide whether to move to London or pursue another opportunity in New York – it sparked the idea to create a book, a collection of voices, on the global nomad life. I started writing and interviewing fellow global nomads, and finally managed to put together a first draft. The manuscript often remained idle for months at a time, and when I picked it up again, I had gained new insights and perspectives. I also started working with a professional editor and gained feedback from professional agents and friends. Taking their advice into account, I re-wrote the draft at least three times. After every rejection or critical feedback, I felt like giving up, but I never did. The reason is my com