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«Women in Medicine»

21 April, 2021

Online Event


This event was planned to be held at the beginning of 2020 when the topic of ‘women in medicine’ wasn’t as popular as it is now. With the coronavirus pandemic raging through the world, we have become aware of the important role women play on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response.


It’s not a secret that medicine has historically been a boys’ club. Ask a child to draw ‘a doctor’ and ‘a nurse’ and chances are high that the nurse will be drawn as female and the doctor will be drawn as male... Times are changing and more and more women enter the medical field, breaking the gender role stereotypes and paving the way for the next generations. At the  Lean In & Hirslanden Clinic event we have gained in-depth insights into their worlds and gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges the sector offers. We have also heard about the hospital’s experience with the virus, the care standards in Switzerland and the preparations the sector takes to ensure we are ready for whatever the pandemic has in store for us. 


Hand in hand with the increase of women in medical professions goes the raise of ‘gender medicine’, which starts from the vintage point that diseases can manifest differently in men and women and thus diagnosis, therapy and medication have to be gender-specific. Yet, many medical trials have so far been conducted exclusively with male subjects. What does that mean for women’s health? Is the coronavirus affecting men and women differently? 


Last but not least, thanks to the nutritional professionals at Klinik Hirslanden, we will got a crash course on how to eat smarter to stay healthy. 

About Hirslanden

The Klinik Hirslanden is a modern private clinic in Zurich, which belongs to Hirslanden, the leading private clinic group in Switzerland. The modern infrastructure and the high standards of their medical staff and their colleagues are the foundation of the emphasis and philosophy on the well-being of their patients. Read more here.


Leitung Medizinisches System / Stv. Direktorin Klinik Hirslanden

I studied medicine at the university of Basel. Being board certified in Switzerland and the USA I had the privilege to get to know different kind of medical systems. As a cardiac anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist I worked in University hospitals in Switzerland and in the USA. I saw the
different aspects out of the position of an intern to chief position in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. While working I did an executive MBA focusing on international business here in Zürich.

Being thrilled from change and lean management I founded my own company "nextchange" in 2012. I accompanied different organization in their development considering strategic, organizational, cultural
and procedural questions. Out of this conglomeration I was able to build the ambulatory surgery centers of the Pallas Group and lead the hospital in Olten. In 2016 I was offered to attend the AMP at the Harvard Business School in Boston. 


In 2017 I came back to the Hirslanden Group. First to lead the successful turnaround of the Clinic Am Rosenberg and then to join the Clinic Hirslanden in Zürich. Since the first of November 2019 I am the leader of the medical system and since June 2020 I also act as the deputy director of the Clinic.
During COVID-19 Pandemics I lead through the rough time as the captain of the task force. 

In my spare free time you will find me in nature, where I also live with my family and take care of my numerous hobbies and stay in balance.

  • Dr. med. Sacha Geier


Fachärztin für Chirurgie und Viszeralchirugie

Klinik Hirslanden

I was born 1982 in Cape Town South Africa and moved with my mother and older brother to Switzerland as I was 7 years old. At an early age I became interested in science, especially biology. After college, I decided to study medicine and graduated from the University of Zurich in 2009. During my internships I discovered my manual skills and enthusiasm for surgery. So I focused on my goal and completed residency in General Surgery 2015.

Subsequently, I continued with an additional training in abdominal surgery at the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich and achieved the qualification of specialized Visceral Surgery 2019. My competencies lie in minimal invasive techniques and as a certified and trained surgeon in robotic surgery I support and promote innovative technologies in the Clinic Hirslanden.


I live with my husband in Zurich quite close to the clinic. On vacation we love to travel and discover new places all over the world. In my spare time I like to dive or simply be in or around the water, so in summer - if not in the operating room -you can meet me mainly at the Lake of Zurich.

  • Dr. med. Natalie Kuchen
Natalie Kuchen
Anna Erat
anna erat_3.JPG


Medical Director Klinik Hirslanden, Clinical Lecturer University Zurich

Anna Erat (MD/PhD) studied and interned in medicine at University of Zurich Medical School and Harvard Medical School. After graduating, she conducted post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School in the fields of inflammation and metabolism. In parallel she received a PhD in epidemiology from University of Basel (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute). For her role as a medical director, she attended courses both at Harvard Business School and INSEAD, recently graduating from the International Directors Program at Fontainebleau.


Clinically she is focusing on preventive, sports and internal medicine, and takes care of top athletes ranging from national ice hockey team players to formula 1 drivers and world class ironman triathletes.


She is a reviewer and peer for iQM, a clinical lecturer at the University of Zurich Medical School and she leads the Grand Rounds in the Hirslanden Clinic.

  • Dr. med. Anna Erat
Anna Erat


Dipl. Ernährungsberaterin HF

Klinik Hirslanden

Isabella Roth completed her training as a qualified nutritionist at the University Hospital Zurich and then worked at the Cantonal Hospital Aarau.

Before her marriage to a farmer, she trained as a Swiss certified farmer's wife and worked on his own organic farm.

At the same time, she trained as a coach in sports for all age groups ranging from 3-year-old children (mother-child gymnastics) to senior gymnastics.

Getting back to her roots, she is now working as a prevention specialist at the Hirslanden Check-up Centre for almost 15 years and is an avid athlete and gymnast herself

Roth Isabella.jpg
Isabella Roth


University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. med. Susanne Wegener is a senior physician at the University Hospital Zurich Stroke Center, and SNSF Professor at the Department of Neurology at the University of Zurich.


She studied at the Medical School University of Hamburg (Germany), with rotations in San Diego (USA), Dublin (Ireland), St. Petersburg (Russia), Hamburg (Germany) and Tel Aviv (Israel).

Since 2017 she is part of the Steering Committee of the Zurich Neuroscience Center, having been a group leader since 2013, and since November 2020 she is a Board Member of the Swiss Headache Society. 

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