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On the 27th of March we gathered to be inspired and empowered. New circles were formed and some of you stepped up to lead or co-lead them. Your courage and commitment is making our community a force for positive change. The event was a wonderful experience that exceeded our expectations, and we had amazing speakers on stage.


Barbara (Basia) Favre started the event with an introduction about Lean In and our team in Switzerland. She also clearly explained what the Lean In circles are.


The panel discussion on the highlights from Lean In Circles was led by Lidia Zabala together with leaders and members of the Lean In Marketing and Communications Professionals Circle: Celeste Storchenegger, Sabrina Wirz and Corina Burri.


Aurelija Kukyte moderated the pitches for some new circles that followed. Celine Choisel-Lüssi launched her Lean In circle for women in banking and wealth management, and they alredy had their first meeting. We celebrated the successful launch of the Lean In Circle Basel Women in Leadership, co-led by Pia Meinzer and Sally Higham.


One of the co-leaders of Lean In Switzerland, Natalie Bertsch, shared the timeline of her circle in Bern and mentioned the search for a new leader and co-leader - if you are interested let us know. Another co-leader, Lidia Zabala, announced her new Lean In Circle for women interested in health and wellbeing. And many new women started their own Lean In circles! Go to


Apéro - the last part of the evening was a paradise for networking and discovering old and new circles, make new connections and long lasting friendships.

For more information about Lean In Circles, visit 

Event photography by Kati Schneider

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