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There are still many misconceptions about women's experiences in the workplace and their career progression.


The 9th edition of the Women in the Workplace report, published by Lean In and McKinsey & Co, tackles and dispels four of these myths and looks at how intersectionality affects women's experiences at work.


The Gender Intelligence report, conducted by Advance and the University of St. Gallen Competence Center of Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), provides valuable insights into the Swiss labour market, looking at the recruitment, retention and promotion of women, and discussing the challenges and opportunities of the current skills shortage in Switzerland.

To delve deeper into these topics, we assembled an impressive event and panel of speakers and had a great time with our entire Lean In community at our last event in December 2023. 

Barbara (Basia) Favre opened our event by sharing exciting new Lean In programs (more on that here too soon!) and what we are planning for 2024. 


Anna Stando talked about the annual study "Women in the Workplace" by Lean In and McKinsey. This study debunks four persistent myths, including the misconception that women are becoming less ambitious or the impact of microaggressions, which are far from being "micro", and have a lasting impact on women.


Alkistis Petropaki presented the "Gender Intelligence Report 2023" by Advance – Gender Equality in Business & Competence Centre for Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI-FIM) - University of St.Gallen (HSG). This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the status of women in business in Switzerland and shows how changing some outdated social norms can both help women advance in their careers and solve Switzerland’s problem of skill shortage. 

The panel discussion, moderated by Anna Stando, featured Christina Bachmann-Roth, Christian Pierce, Reshma Ramachandran, and Alkistis Petropaki. Each participant brought a unique background and shared their inspiring career journeys.

During the Apero, many female attendees discussed how to bring a more balanced audience to engage with these important topics. We strongly encourage everyone to invite their partners, brothers, or male friends to our future events. It is through inclusive discussions that we can make a faster and more impactful change.

Please find pictures from the event below by a volunteer photographer (a man, who chose to stay anonymous).

Event photography

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