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After 5 years of practice as an M&A lawyer in Milan, Sao Paulo and Frankfurt, Anna is now a legal expert and project manager for complex M&A transactions in Zurich.
Driver of the Women in Financial Advisory community in her company, she is passionate about promoting inclusion and gender equality, since 
she is convinced that it will lead to better businesses, organizations and societies as a whole.

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Anna Stentella


Experienced and dedicated financial professional. Over 15 years in global banking and wealth management. Passionate about investment advisory, global financial markets, responsible investments, sustainability and new tech. Expertise and experience in Project Management (PRINCE2 and PSM). Entrepreneurial spirit. Proactive, flexible and agile.

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Anna Boniecka


Duong is a passionate, proactive and result-oriented individual. She co-founded and ran Lean In Vietnam between 2017-2019. In this capacity, she oversaw a network of Lean in Circles and organized regular expert events and enrichment activities for its members. One of these events included a high-profile event with Sheryl Sandberg when she visited Hanoi in 2017.
She joined Lean In Network, Switzerland (Bern, Lucerne, Zurich) after her relocation, and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Responsible Management, specialization in Sustainable Business & Human Rights at the University of Geneva. 

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Duong Nguyen


Since landing in Switzerland in 2017, I've been captivated by the diversity of this country. My passion lies in contributing to meaningful projects, often preferring the impactful yet understated role behind the scenes. This drive has led me to supporting the initiatives of community-driven organisations that inspire and educate.I cherish the balance of adventure and tranquility in my life. I love long walks and seeking new experiences both in my personal and professional life. Yet, in moments when I yearn for peace, I turn to my sewing machines for some "off time".

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Aureija Kukyte
Laura Pagani


“As women continue to advance in the workplace and step into roles of leadership, Lean In is a powerful force towards shaping a more inclusive society and forging paths to equality. New visions that integrate the female perspective can normalize the balance of power, free us from misconception and bias, and help women chart their own destiny. “When women thrive, humanity thrives."
Laura is a champion for women empowerment dedicated to nurturing and accelerating the careers of young female talent in the modern workplace. Drawing on her own experiences across the healthcare industry in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, she serves as a mentor to young women to help them navigate gender and professional challenges to succeed in their career. She is also a passionate globetrotter with her travels taking her to over 70 countries.

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Kati Schneider


Boasting an expansive professional journey that has spanned across various countries including Germany, the UK, Canada, and Switzerland, Kati brings a rich tapestry of experiences to the Lean network.


Having dedicated nearly twenty years to the healthcare sector, Kati's multidimensional career path is a testament to her versatility and adaptability. In addition to having run her own photography business for the past 11 years, Kati also holds a Master's degree in Ancient History, reflecting her intellectual curiosity and continued passion for learning.


At the heart of Kati's values lies a forceful commitment to diversity, kindness and open-mindedness. These principles guide her not only in her professional pursuits but also in her personal endeavours. She actively volunteers her time and skills to organisations like Lean In and, contributing to causes she deeply believes in.

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A creative producer with 20 years of experience producing documentaries, TV, broadcasting, streaming, corporate, animation,  and art films.

Founder of the global media distribution platform Smart Switzerland News Network and Film a Story Studio, specializing in video streaming/broadcasting and various TV/film formats for streaming platforms. He has realized numerous projects for WEF DAVOS, TEDx, SMG, Google Switzerland, SBS, IBM Research Center, Tesla, Swiss Re, National Geographic Society, Swisscom and many more.

He is co-founder of the startup WATERS GT, which is developing a customer device to extract drinkable water from seas and oceans worldwide.

Founder of Global Social Barometer, World Catholic Economic Forum. For many years, he has been working in Switzerland on researching and developing society's behavior based on education, values, religion, economy and media in European countries and American culture.

Promoting, supporting Women in FinTech, Lean In Organizations since 2012

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Rafal Solis
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