The best time is now. The best place is here. The best decision is to go forward.


Experienced Test Manager and

self-published author

Evelina is an active participant in social life, encouraging women to support each other in their career path and various life situations.

Apart of her daily work and Lean In activities, she is a book and nature lover, life long learner, enjoying bringing valuable ideas to see the daylight.

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I believe that gender equality is not just about women. It’s about all of us, and only together we have impact.


Innovation and change driver,

founder of

Patrycja is a forward-thinking innovation leader and serial entrepreneur.
Being not only a diversity, inclusion and equality advocate, but also a lateral thinker, she keeps trying new, progressive ways, and developing strategies that are often unconventional but always purposeful. Thanks to these qualities, Patrycja's approach is quite exceptional, as those who want to remain agile in the future must transform their approach in a timely manner.

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I truly believe in the power of communities which inspire action and connect like-minded individuals. At Lean In Switzerland we connect over shared experiences, encourage each other and provide tools and research to challenge stereotypes and foster equality.


Digital Marketing professional and certified freedom-centered leader

Lidia is an encouraging leader who brings a healthy dose of determination and optimism. She combines her digital marketing expertise with a solid track record in organizing engaging events. She has contributed to purpose-driven organizations and projects in New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

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I have seen that when women come together amazing things happen. With Lean In Switzerland we strive to create meaningful connections between members to grow faster together and achieve things we previously thought impossible.


D&I Professional,

Board Member at Capacity

From Poland, through the Netherlands, Guatemala, Mexico, Denmark and Thailand, Anna’s personal and professional journey has ultimately led her to Switzerland, where she arrived in 2013.

As a Diversity & Inclusion leader she likes to draw from her global experience while also bringing into her work her expertise in gender equality, refugees and migrants in Switzerland, education in Intercultural Communication, her strong business background and because we can't do it alone, her wide-reaching and diverse network. She is a passionate, enthusiastic and driven leader, thriving in a dynamic and multi-cultural environment where pace is fast and the stakes high. She loves to wear multiple hats and apply her hands on, can-do attitude to initiatives that matter. 

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