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🧘 2021 highlight from the community: Lean In Latinas Suiza self-care event

As the holiday season approaches we reflect on all that has happened this year and are reminded of how far we have come as a community. At Lean In Network Switzerland (Bern, Luzerne, Zürich), we genuinely believe in supporting women at all stages of their careers and personal lives. In the form of Lean In Circles, we offer a safe space for like-minded women to get together on a regular basis, to be inspired and to learn from each other. We love to see our Circle Leaders thrive and set new goals for their groups, and we were very happy to participate in the first all-day event organized by Lean In Latinas Suiza, a Lean In Circle currently located in Zurich which is planning an expansion to more cities in 2022!

We’d like to share with you an overview of this wonderful event which took place on Saturday, November 13th 2021. Given the uncertain times we live in, the event created a space for members to explore and reconnect with their true essence. It was an opportunity to meet again, to appreciate the importance of time and the value of self-care. Speakers shared insights related to wellbeing, with tips to accomplish internal and external success, as well as the importance of maintaining their growth in their (Latinas) communities.


Held in Spanish, the theme of self-care was promoted by the three wonderful speakers who gave insights on how to have an impact every day:

  • Como te ves, te sientes” (How you see yourself is how you feel yourself) by Marcela Barnes: We started the day with tips on how to dress according to your style and current trends. Most importantly, Marcela told us that the most important factor in looking good was to be confident and happy with your body. Don't change who you are for others and enjoy what you've got!

  • Redefine tu perspectiva” (Redefine your perspective) by Lidia Zabala, leader at Lean In Switzerland: In this interactive presentation, Lidia shared key strategies and personal experiences about how everyone can build their networks and contribute to their communities. She highlighted that each participant could leave a lasting impression by redefining what they bring to their communities: "We each possess talents that are valued by those who surround us."

  • Volver a mí” (Returning to myself) by Gabriela Varela: Gabi didn't leave one dry eye in the room! Her workshop was a reminder that each person has value beyond their titles and certificates. When a person has a strong belief in their inner self, they will have the strength to face uncertain times and value what they have. This is no easy task when a person is an immigrant but it is a powerful mindset to embrace new adventures!


This event would not have been possible without the great effort of the core team: Alejandra Geissmann, Rossana Aguino and Mayra Gomez, who envisioned a remarkable get-together and sat down in February 2020 to plan ahead and were briefly rerouted by a global pandemic. C'est la vie!

We would like to congratulate the Lean In Latinas Suiza team for the amazing event organization and for their ongoing dedication. The whole team radiates powerful energy to impact and improve things around them. Follow Lean In Latinas Suiza on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook!

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