Lipstick Leaders

Art exhibition and Networking Event

“Lipstick Leaders” is an installation that mocks similar walls of the past, which were covered in portraits of prominent Men. This time the wall was covered with female leaders only. After its premiere on June 2018 in Zurich the project has been shown in different formations on locations around Switzerland. In October 2019 it was exhibited in its full size of 100 Portraits at the renowned Art-Fair Kunst19 Zurich. Just for this occasion the Artist had added more than 30 portraits focusing on Women form Zurich greater area.


of the exhibition and networking event 

26 october 2019

LL Preimiere 1..6 (279).jpg

Daniel Eisenhut is an artist, sparking debate about women and leadership wherever he goes with his ground-breaking project ‘One Thousand Leaders’ which unites people around power-walls of women leaders.

Daniel’s portraits are drawn in very personal sessions, combining the representation of a person aesthetically and their essence as he sees it. Daniel gets to know his subjects and the results are pieces that are less about copying an image and more about representing a person.

Daniel has taught art in his own studio and all over Switzerland and Europe. He has worked with children and adults alike, sharing his passion for art and helping them nurture their creative side. His works have been exhibited in Zürich, Geneva and London and are part of private collections in Europe and the Middle East.

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